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A look at Transformers, old and new

I started writing these little rambles on the TFW2005 forums as a way to entertain myself. I'd started taking a few photos the modern Titans Return Titan Master toys alongside the old G1 figures they were based on. It kind of snowballed from there and suddenly I was writing a 700-1000 word comparison review to… Continue reading A look at Transformers, old and new

1985 · Autobots · Voyager · WfC: Kingdom


I should like Inferno more than I do. He featured in two of my favourite mid-to-late Furman TF:UK stories, the apocalyptic 'Legacy of Unicron', where he went out like a total hero, and the smaller, more intimate 'Firebug', a story that really struck a chord for me. He was even a Wrecker, for Heaven's sake.… Continue reading Inferno

Beast Wars · Predacon · WfC: Kingdom


For me, Blackarachnia has one of the more interesting story arcs within the Beast Wars cartoon. A Maximal protoform turned Predacon, but forever scheming against Megatron. Eventually moving past her 'looking out for number 1' nature due to her relationship with Silverbolt to become an integral part of the Primal's team. For a show that… Continue reading Blackarachnia

1985 · Decepticons · Voyager · WfC:Earthrise

The Coneheads

Ah, the Coneheads! Simultaneously more interesting and more boring than the '84 Seekers. So bland were the characters that I still have to do a bit of a think to remember the difference between Ramjet and Dirge. Still, check the fancy wings out! These guys were practically Decepticon red shirts in the comic. Even letting… Continue reading The Coneheads

1986 · Decepticons · Deluxe · WfC:Earthrise

Runabout and Runamuck

I can't separate these two out. Like Tweedledee and Tweedledum, or -to be more on the nose- Beavis and Butthead, these guys live and die as a double act. I mean, do they even have distinct personalities? Would it matter if they did? I was first introduced to this pair of endearing goofballs in the… Continue reading Runabout and Runamuck